BUDIC is an arquitecture, urbanism and design bureu founded by Fernando Pérez Vera in 2006. After obtaining the Masters degree in Arquitecture y Urbanism (M.Arch) by the Architectural Association in London and having worked with Zaha Hadid Architects for many years, he established the office with the purpose of creating design projects in all scales and in all sectors following a logic of intense investigation  of the needs of customers and users.

Working in a cooperative manner with private customers, corporatives and governmental BUDIC has developed a work portfolio that includes interior projects, residential, commercial, corporative, urban facilities, health and even urbanistic plans. Many of these projects are built or ongoing.

Today, BUDIC is conformed by a team of architects, urbanists and designers. It has an engineering and special consultants network specialized in disciplines such as structure, instalations, LEED, costs, lighting, landscaping and graphic design to offer comprehensive design solutions.

Some representative projects built recently include the Torre Beló Grand (fase 1 built) with 27 thousand m2 of construction and 25 floors that include hospital program, doctor’s office, commerce, hotel and recreational spaces. Regarding interiors a new concept in entertainment stands out, it integrates bowling with restaurant, bar, game lounges and a terrace in a 1800 m2 space, put together by almost 1000 m2 of wood lattice.

Since 2012 BUDIC is partner of Zaha Hadid Architects in Mexico, developing a residential and mixed uses project in Monterrey, Mexico of more than 220,000 m2 (to be finished in 2017) which will become the first to be built in Latin America by the architect who won the Pritzker prize in 2004.

Additionally, the office is currently working on a 1500 m2 lakeside residence, a mixed use corporative of 22 thousand m2 and a masterplan with corporative nodes and services with an extension of 113 acres that include a Club House of 7000 m2.