BUDIC is a multidisciplinary firm that undertakes architectural, urban and design projects in an innovative way, committed to the development of design and city culture.
The design proposals of BUDIC, far from being formulated in a preconceived way, are based on the profound investigation and diagramming of client needs and the surrounding economical, social, political and urban circumstances, irrespective of scale.


BUDIC aims to work ‘in between’ the articulations of urban and domestic space, function and form, graphic and tri dimensional, public and private realms, avoiding the sterile discussion surrounding these dichotomies.


Our project approach is Multilayered, requiring the investigation of all information stratums that converge in any given project: Economy, Sociology, Politics, Technology, Finances and Ecology. It is also Multi-programmatic, as through form –PER-FORM – it de-limits, combines, mixes and collides functional programs which can unleash unexpected potential. Finally, it is Multi-scale, with design decisions following a bottom-up approach – from the human scale up to the city scale.


BUDIC works as a team with clients to offer solutions that are pragmatic, flexible, clear and elegant. Together we identify the key questions, conflicts and opportunities in order to build a common ground from where the architectural and urban proposals can be analyzed and tested.


BUDIC does not innovate for the sake of novelty. It does not accept predigested solutions. It approaches projects with certain critical innocence and without prejudice, to expose solutions that transcend first impressions and formulaic answers. Some of the projects explore possibilities, some other reuse traditional concepts that reaffirm the conventional.


Finally, BUDIC perceives problems as design opportunities. Restrictions such as budgets, schedules, building codes, politics, business plans and site conditions are seen as a catalyst for the most advanced design solutions.