ROOSTER’S (2012 – built)

Bar, restaurant, bowling, terrace, games.

Built area: 1800 m2

Morelia, Michoacán, México.

Client: Grupo Altozano


Following the request for the creation of a new concept in entertainment that would integrate a restaurant, bar, bowling, videogame lounges and billiards; the functional program was arranged in bands in which different formal and functional landmarks were inserted. These program insertions arelinked in such a way so as to generate different environments. As in a landscape, architectural surfaces are continuous but from time to time they recede and open up to generate different visual relationships. The chosen surface to articulate these relationships is that of two large wooden honeycombs of more than 800m2 that divide and integrate at the same time the different spaces of the project. Different architectural elements are nested on to the honeycomb such as the videogame lounges and two wooden shells that accommodate different pockets of the program.